Attorney & Law Firm Websites

Over the years we have developed a platform that is geared to provide a nearly automated low cost way to maintain an accurate and effective web presence, whether as a solo practitioner or large law firm.

There are several firms out there that have cornered the market with extremely pricey services like FindLaw or LexusNexus.  We don't intend to speak negatively against them, but would invite you to compare our offerings and prices before making a choice.

Membership Websites

Do you have an association, a club, or the need for a membership website?  Maybe a sports team, or a scout troop?  We've completed an array of projects that required social connection, membership tracking and management as well as online payments and registrations. 

I.T. Services

For local customers only.

We are pleased to announce we are offering a complete range of I.T. services and infrastructure for your entire business.

The infrastructure your business runs on is like the foundations of a house, any weakness will cascade into productivity and bottom line profits. 

If you want to know more or would like to schedule a free evaluation just call.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts and online commerce can be a tricky.  With variables like shipping, county taxes, customer profiles, login versus logged out experiences, as well as reporting and accounting; it it easy to see why it causes headaches.  Even with third party solutions that indeed make the process easier, it can still be a difficult path to navigate.

Social Media & SEO

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are basically different methods of driving traffic to your website.  A massive industry has emerged over recent years that utilizes these avenues to drive more direct traffic and organic search engine visibility.  Typically these services and their cost come as a surprise to companies exploring these options.  While the work involved is great and the time often justifies the cost, the results can and do vary with providers.


If you have already pre-paid hosting somewhere else, let me know. I'll give you the same credit for up to a year, and continue your service with me at the same rate!

Having good hosting service is simply paramount to online success.  A solid hosting environment is like the foundation of a building, it is not something to cut corners on.  With the nominal cost of hosting resources this simply is not an element of your online presence that should suffer. 

Drupal Web Building

Drupal is a powerful framework as opposed to a content management system like WordPress.  Drupal is far more robust and therefore can be configured to do more.  In other words it is system that creates your own needed Content Management System

Drupal is an excellent solution for:

Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 Development

Justin Tucker | Joomla Guru | Joomla DevelopmentJoomla! is an extremely versatile platform that serves many small business operations and even large scale enterprise level corporations.  Joomla! is a robust and scalable platform.  For business plans that call for natural growth, the Joomla platform can grow with your company very seamlessly.