Who Are We?

PlanetTucker.com initially was a personal site for me - Justin Tucker.  I've been developing websites full time for over 10 years now .  In 2009 I teamed up with HeadStormStudios.com who initially brought to my table cutting edge designs, 3D renderings, and professional I.T. services among other talents.

Currently all the websites produced through HeadStormStudios.com are still built by me.  We don't outsource any work overseas, and retain the services of specialized local vendors if unique scenarios require special expertise.

The whole we represent is truly greater than the sum of its parts, and we represent a power house of a team I'm proud to be apart of.  I'm privileged and grateful to be part of a larger family.

Otherwise, I'm a 6'2" tall, 38 year old nerd who enjoys star trek and sci fi movies as much as practicing survival skills in the wild while kayaking every chance I get.  I try and keep a balanced approach between technology and nature.  You can see more of my personal life here.

All in all if you explore our services you'll fine you are dealing with real people who have real experiences.  We are interested in relationships not transactions. 

We don't have support tickets, or even a support department. 

Instead you'll have our cell phone numbers.  So far it is the only way we know how to do business; one on one.  Over 90% of our clients we've never seen face to face, but that doesn't hinder the real life connection.

We are not always the best fit for everyone but are eager to meet you so you can make that determination for yourself.